Monday, December 26, 2011


Scraptown was a very successful Reggae/Pop/Rock combo in the early 80's in Greece. They'd play every Pub and had released three albums, of which "Give me a break" was the most successful one.

Songs like "Viva Sahara" became number one in Greece and gained huge radio play in Italy and France, as well as in other southern European countries.

Scraptown (1982)
1 Execution
2 News

3 Third World
4 Never Miss Twice
5 Underground Attack
7 Dismissed
8 Linda
9 Sometimes

10 Bookoo Funk


Rules of the Game (1983)
1 Loverboy in Hollywood

2 Don't Wanna Join the Army
3 Boys and Girls
4 Taxman Ratman
5 Some of My Thoughts
6 Rules of the Game
7 Jumbo Sale

8 We're Still Alive
9 Nights of Fear


Give Me a Break (1985)
1 Give Me a Break

2 Cinderella

3 Dynamite
4 Leaving You
5 Viva Sahara
6 Face to Face
7 Alladin
8 Sanava
9 We've Got this Night
10 Hurry Up
11 Sunday


Viva Sahara single (1987)

A - Viva Sahara (12" version)
B1 - Viva Sahara (dub version)
B2 - Viva Sahara (7" version)


Les Frelons - Tous les Matins 7" (1989)

Les Frelons' first release. Thanks to Tomas for this submission!!

A - Tous les Matins
B - Rock Rudy Steady

Mek Pek Party Band - Ska Beat 7" (1982)

...from discogs:
"Danish ska-band fronted by the dynamic vocalist and trumpet player Mek Pek and the first to introduce the ska style in Denmark. The original Mek Pek Partyband was only active 1982 and 1983, while Mek Pek has used the name for his bands later on in the 90's."
They had a couple more singles and a self titled full length also released in 1982

here they are performing Ska Beat in 2011: (starts at 2:20)

A - Ska Beat
B - Hvorfor Så?

Thanks to Rikard for this submission!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


If you get an eMail from me DO NOT OPEN IT. I haven't emailed anything to anybody. I don't know what it is. I got 63 emails today from you guys. I'm sorry if it was a virus. I really don't know how it happened. Sorry

Monday, December 19, 2011

Clive Pig and the Hopeful Chinamen - Happy Birthday Sweet 16 7" (1979)

Punk-reggae from this British band.

Clive Pig was an acoustic guitar storyteller/poet that meshed in nicely with the late 70s punk scene. He released lots of good material with different bands. This particular record is not hard to find.

Even if you're not a big fan of punk-reggae this one's a good one. It will grow on you.

A - Happy Birthday Sweet 16
B - Our Movement

Public Service?! - Somebody Scream! (1990)

The ultra rare impossible-to-find cassette only first release from Philadelphia's Public Service?! from 1990. This is the one that is notorious for being a Moon Ska Records release but there's no mention anywhere on the tape or inlay card of Moon Records. They did put a sticker on the shrink-wrap (seen HERE)It could be said this is not an actual Moon release because they did not produce it, they only distributed it but it did have a Moon catalogue number MR-026cs.

Anyway...this is rare stuff, and they say their main inspiration is Fishbone and it's noticeable.

A1 Rude Awakening
A2 Salt + Pepper
A3 Matter of Time
A4 Dine and Dash
B1 The Question
B2 Too Much Violence
B3 Bad Nite in Philly
B4 Tube Fried

"Rude Awakening"

"Bad Nite in Philly"

Monday, December 5, 2011

Spy Eye - 1989 demo cassette

These are the guys who released the album "Hot Pursuits" on Unicorn Records. You probably know them for the song Brand New Beat from the first "Skankin' 'Round the World" compilation. That song came from this demo.
It wasn't the best song on there:

"Me and My Shadow"

"These Boots are Made for Walkin'"

A1 - Brand New Beat
A2 - Rude Boys
A3 - Me and My Shadow
B1 - These Boots Were Made for Walkin'
B2 - Reminds Me of Cairo
B3 - I Hate You

(there is a cover to this tape. I have the cover - I just can't find it right now. That's what kept me from posting it for so long. Do you care though? The music's great isn't it? I'll post the cover when I find it)

3rd wave California ska flyers

Here's a nice collection of lost and forgotten ska flyers from Southern California from the days when 3rd wave dominated the scene.

Less Than Jake, The Hippos, Reel Big Fish, My Superhero, Low Pressure...they're all here...

These were contributed by Justin - a man who did what we all can only wish we did. He kept his flyers. Thank you Justin.
I know I had some great ska and punk flyers that I kick myself in the ass for not keeping. Do you have yours?

You don't have to love the third wave to appreciate these historical documents:

The Ska-Dows - Skas on 45 7'' (1981)

You know this one. You like this one. Where's your copy of this one?
Until you find yours, listen to this one.

(Thanks to Bruce!! These are not only his rips - which sound better than my own - but he included the scans from all of the different releases in the download.)

A - Skas on 45
B - Rhapsody in Buh