Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bluekilla - demos

1 One Minit Ska
2 Hey Joe
5 Oh Yeah
6 She Came
7 Camelman
9 Wickie
10 TRACK 10
11 Werbung
12 I Won't Let You Go (Blues Busters cover)
13 Skaship / Stay With Me
14 Behold (Blues Busters cover)
15 Soon You'll be Gone (Blues Busters cover)
16 TRACK 16
17 Camelman
18 The Beat Generation (Bob McFadden & Dor cover)
19 I Got No Time

"One Minit Ska"

"I Won't Let You Go"

I've had these for a while and I have no idea what year they were recorded. As you can see I had no tracklisting. There are a few titles that I don't know. Can anyone fill in the blanks?

Bluekilla's new cd "Bluekilla Never Was a Ska Band" is now available on their official site with the song "Shit Stirring" featuring Gary Skaman of the Australian band Menage A Ska and an impressive cover of Magazine's "Shot by Both Sides"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Secret - She's so Ugly 7" (1981)

A - She's so Ugly
B - I Love Me

A nice bit humor from this English band sung to the tune of the Westminster Quarters.

(and since we're on the subject of the Westminster Quarters here's a bit of trivia for you:
This is Big Ben

This is not Big Ben. It is the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, sometimes called the Westminster Clock.

I know that if something is said erroneously enough times it becomes fact. Like the word butterfly or Frankenstein. So you can keep calling the clock Big Ben, but deep down you'll know the truth.)

I know, I know...just shut the hell up and give us the music.
Here ya go

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Child's Play 7" (1981)

(Does anybody know anything about this band?)

A - Playground Romance

B - Escape

Safari No Go - Foreign Legion 7" (1983)

Safari No Go was a short-lived band from Germany that was started by Oliver Stephan from the Nighthawks.
This is their only release but it was also on 12" which included another track called "Lies".

A - Foreign Legion
B - Don't Stop the Weekend

"Foreign Legion"

Janitors Against Apartheid demos

Janitors Against Apartheid were a 3rd wave ska-punk band from California and they were very prolific:

Nga Ga Mom (self-released) [cassette] 1991
Moppin’ 4 Equality (self-released) [cassette] 1992
Pizza O'Clock (self-released) [cassette] 1993
I Work at Lucky (2 Big Hairy Guys Records) [10"] 1994
One for the Road (Paprika Music) [cassette] 1994
I Can Pick Most Locks with a Credit Card (Paprika Music) [cassette] 1995
Six Feet Under III compilation (Psycho Sun Records) [cassette] 1995
Skankin’ Around the Internet compilation [cassette] 1995
What’s the Reality of That? three way split (Paprika Music) [cassette] 1995
Misfits of Ska compilation (Dill Records/Asian Man Records) [cassette/cd] 1995
Nerds split (Dill Records) [cassette/cd] 1995
Jolt: America’s Most Powerful Compilation (J4 Records) [cd] 1996
Salad Bowl Theory compilation (Fullified Records) [cd] 1996
California Ska-Quake: Aftershock compilation (Moon Records) [cd] 1996
Punk Goes Ska compilation (Stiff Dog Records) [cd] 1996

This is their first 3 demo cassettes.

I intend to post the Nerds split they did with One Eye Open at some point when I do a post on OEO.
According to JAA's Facebook they are planning a 20 year anniversary show next year.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Class Action

Class Action were from Cambridge, Massachusetts and they released one great ska EP in 1984. They later recorded four more songs which were produced by Don Dixon (Marshall Crenshaw, R.E.M., Counting Crows, Hootie and the Blowfish, etc) but only one "Thieves' Market" was released. You might remember it from the first Mash it Up compilation from 1986.
In 1987 they changed their sound to more of a college-rock style but they maintained a bit of their old ska influence and recorded a single and the album "Things You Left Behind" - which included the song Thieves' Market.

Class Action EP (1984)

A1 - It All Comes Back to You
A2 - If This is Love
B1 - Getting Nowhere
B2 - When the Wind Touches Down

"Getting Nowhere"

"If this is Love"

Things You Left Behind (1987)

1 True Love on the Radio
2 Thieves' Market
3 One by One
4 Die for One Day
5 Two Minutes to Midnight
6 You Can Run
7 Could I be the One?
8 Moral Majority
9 Eyes
10 Changes Inside of Me

Tone and Wave Podcast - episode 6

It took me a long time to do this one because, to be honest, I'm bored with the gimmick of non-ska bands doing ska music. I diverted from that and just played some rare 80s ska instead.

Even if you don't want to listen to the whole thing I recommend skipping to the end to hear the last song.

Mi-Sex - Mystery
Delayed Action - Give it Up
Mark Foggo - Nothing to Hide (unreleased)
The Cartoons - Self Conscious
Cowboys - Supermarket
Cowboys - Rude Boy
Rifffs - Dance Music for the 80's Depression
The Lovely Bodies - Shark Bites
The Pretenders - How do I Miss You
The Drivers - Stolen Treasures
Monroes - Arabian Night
Student Nurse - Discover Your Feet
The Tuners - Shuffle Your Feet
Child's Play - Playground Romance


The Planets - Lines 7" (1979)

After Deaf School Bette Bright recorded with The Illuminations and Steve Lindsey started The Planets who had several releases:

"Goon Hilly Down" LP 1979
"Spot" LP 1981
"Lines / Further Down" 7" 1979
"Iron for the Iron / Mile High" 7" 1979
"Break it to me Gently / A Minute Ago" 7" 1980
"Too Late / Lines // Break It To Me Gently / Iron for the Iron" EP 1980 on 12" & 7"
"Don't Look Down / I Want To Touch You" 7" 1980
"Intensive Care (single remix) / Earth" 7" 1981
"Let Me Fall / Follow the Leader" 7" 1981

This is their first.
"Lines" is on the Goon Hilly Down LP (HERE)but the instrumental B-side "Further Down" is otherwise unreleased.

The album Spot was posted previously on the Ruder Than Rude blog HERE

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

K and the Sauce Pan - Do the Ska Nana 7" (1980)

Quirky female-fronted band from France.

Menage A Ska

Gary Skaman is heading a new Australian 10-piece ska band called Menage A Ska which features members of The High Tides. They are planning European tour dates so keep checking their Facebook to see if they'll be coming to your neighborhood.

Welcome to Skannecticut

1 Ska King Crab - Pennsylvania 6-5000
2 Johnny Too Bad and the Strikeouts - Hello Baby
3 J.C. Superska - Bartender
4 Golgo 13 - Septic Breakout
5 Rudie Brass - Jukebox Junkie
6 The Snappers - The Pervert
7 Choke Puppy - Lisa
8 Nigel Six - No Women
9 Spring Heeled Jack - Pay Some Dues
10 Sgt. Scagnetti - Hell Spawn
11 Choke Puppy - West Side
12 Inward Variation - Who Shot Tupac?
13 Golgo 13 - Sully's Song
14 Not for Resale - Back Biter
15 Johnny Too Bad and the Strikeouts - 220
16 J.C. Superska - Conspiracy
17 Step-Backs - Ska Blues
18 Radiation Kings - Subra
19 The Mugwums - Voodoo Ska

Rare Skavengers The tracks

On my post for Skavengers The I mentioned that "Party Girls" is one of my all-time favorite songs. I thought it was a damn shame that there was only one release by such a talented band.

It has come to my attention recently that, although they only had one release, there were more recordings made. Drummer Dave Parsons has shared a few songs with me but I am not at liberty to post them.

I do know that there are more songs but I can't say if they'll be available to anybody any time soon. Who knows what will become of them if we all show enough interest. If you're anywhere near Bath go and catch Dave playing in his current band Hot Dog Jackson and if you're nowhere near Bath you can still hear them on their Myspace

Here's a little peek at a few of the Skavengers unreleased tracks:

"Girl on a Train"

"Sob Stories"

"Day in the Life" (Beatles cover)

***All soundclips are pending approval***

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Crooked Beat

This is a band from Sweden who kept the Two Tone sound alive into the new millennium. They released a studio ep and 2 demos and a cover of Madness' The Prince which appeared on Cleopatra Records' House of Ska: A Tribute to Madness. This download includes the ep and the Madness cover and one of the two demos. I have to admit though that I don't know
which of the demos it is.

Crooked Beat EP (1999)

1 March of the Crooked
2 Woman
3 Big Bamboo
4 New Complexion
5 Devil Mouth

*Big Bamboo
*Concrete Beat
*Skanking Man

*The Prince

"Concrete Beat"