Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marco On The Bass - Tone and Wave podcast


I've been considering doing a podcast for a while now but never got around to it. Marco On The Bass has been presenting some great rarities in podcast form for a few sessions now. His next one was going to be on American ska bands from 1979 to 1989. He invited me to select some bands to add to his already perfect list. Here's what I came up with, or, rather, what we came up with:

1 Heavy Manners - Taking the Queen to Tea (Chicago, 1982)
2 The X-Streams - Rhythm of Life (Arizona, 1980)
3 The Boilers - Coeur A Voil (New York,1988)
4 Bim Skala Bim - Jah Laundromat (Boston,1985)
5 The Nails - Transcontinental Ska (New York/1980)
6 The Terrorists - Love Is Better Now 12" (New York,1981)
7 The Untouchables - Tropical Bird (Los Angeles,1983)
8 The Hoovers - I Got You Babe (San Francisco,1980)
9 The Uptones - Outback Master (San Francisco,1983)
10 Blue Riddim Band - Nancy Reagan (Kansas City,1982)

11 The Plugz - Touch for Cash (Los Angeles, 1981)
12 The Donkey Show - Insomnia (San Diego, 1989)
13 Camper Van Beethoven - Skinhead Stomp (Redlands, California, 1985)
14 Talk Back - Rudy (Southern California, 1984)
15 Kill Me - Mr. Potato Head (New York 1985)
16 The Young Executives - Original Sin (Washington, 1982)
17 Cryin' Out Loud - Live It Up (Hoboken, NJ, 1985)
18 Crazy 8s - Find Myself a Sunny Spot (live) (Oregon, 1988)
19 Eddie Vedder - Reggae Woman (California, 1988)


Check out Marco On The Bass for more information on his selections.

* 11 originally from the album "Better Luck", but this is a remastered version that has never been released (a Tone and Wave exclusive)
*12 from the Unicorn Records release "Bali Island" 6-song EP
*13 from the album "Telephone Free Landslide Victory"
*14 from the album "When Drums Talk" (Talk Back performed this song live in the movie 'Pretty in Pink' but were not featured on the soundtrack)
*15 Kill Me was not a ska band, but a comedic funk band made up by members of the Toasters. They released only 1 6-song EP which I do have but I cannot post because it was released on Moon and Megalith will raise a stink if I do (even though they're probably never going to sell it).
*16 as far as I know the Young Executives only released one 12" EP. This was the only ska song on that recording, but they included more of a ska influence in their live set. The other 3 songs were pretty damn good though. I have the full EP and I will post it if anybody's interested. It's worth having if you are into the 80s post-punk sound.
*17 I will be posting Cryin' Out Loud's only recording in the next few weeks. It's a 4 song 12" recorded before Don Brody formed The Marys.
*18 This is a live version of a song that was originally on Crazy 8s 2nd album - 1985's "Nervous in Suburbia"
*19 Eddie Vedder recorded lots of music before he was asked to sing for Mookie Blaylock who, of course, later became a little-known band called Pearl Jam. This song isn't bad, but it's not very good either. I included it mostly for the novelty of it.

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