Monday, May 25, 2009

The Villains - Go Crazy & Life of Crime


There was an old vaudevillian joke that wasn't funny to begin with and can now be found in numerous joke books for kids that goes:

"I can show you something that has never been seen before and, after I show you, will never be seen again!"

At that point the comedian will either peel a banana or crack open a nut and then eat it.

I feel the same applies to this cassette I just bought. It is by the Villains. Their "Life of Crime" EP is well known as a classic ska contribution, but this "Go Crazy" album falls short in so many ways.


The cassette I just purchased was still sealed in its original shrink wrap from 1984. This particular tape was never heard by anyone ever. I bought it for $2.
I think that after hearing it you'll see why it shouldn't be heard ever again.

I'll be honest - there are a couple of good moments, but overall this is not the sort of recording that a band such as the Villains should have ever made.

Even still, being completely unplayed for 26 years the tape has developed a hiss problem that I cannot get rid of. To be honest - the album isn't good enough that you'll want to listen to it more than a time or two so the hiss shouldn't really be a problem.
I know this sounds like I'm making fun of the band, but I'm really not. I love the "Life of Crime" EP and I have included it in this download so that you can see the difference yourself.



Anonymous said...

just listened to both Lp's and well, you were right when saying they were much different. "go crazy" sounds more like a 80s new wave thing. some songs reminded me ub40s "rat in the kitchen" LP. but being awarened of that, it can be heared again...

Anonymous said...

I really like this album! Definitely overproduced, but it has a certain charm, a bit similar to what Madness were doing circa 1984. Thanks for posting that!

Sarah said...

I have searched high and low for the song "Go Crazy" which I have only on video for on VHS, recorded from VH1 (or some vid channel) in 1984.