Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Christmas from the Stars

Does anyone have this?
It was a flexi given away with the December 1982 edition of Smash Hits magazine that featured Madness, Fun Boy Three, The Piranhas, and a lot of others saying what they would like for Christmas.

Surprisingly, Madness wasn't very interesting this time around but Terry Hall's wish:
"...what I'd really like for Christmas is a 2 Tone revival. I'd like to see all the old 2 Tone bands get together and show that perfect harmony."
...and this was from 1982.

I was hoping to have this by now to be the Tone and Wave Christmas post but I never got around to getting it yet.

There is a portion of this record on Youtube that includes the Terry Hall quote and Madness HERE.

(Bananarama's Sara Dallin's Christmas wish was for six poodles and Al Pachino)

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