Saturday, March 27, 2010

Perfect Stranger - S/T 12'' (1982?)

Here's a very rare 12" clear picture disc from this mod/ska band from Pasadena California. I've found little info on this one. One source said this was from 1982, another source said 1985. Who knows?

"Stop This Ride"

1 Fall Down
2 Stop This Ride
3 The Bridge
4 Satellite
5 411



Kames Jelly said...

Chuck Wren tried to sell this to me over the summer and I passed it up. I really should have bought it when i had the chance haha

Tone and Wave said...

Out of curiosity how much was he asking for it?

If my transmission is shot I will be selling some of my things.

If you'd like to buy it I can let it go pretty cheap.