Monday, April 11, 2011

Ozo - Listen to the Buddha 7" (1976)

British band that played what was called "world music". I forget the lead singers name but her father was in the show Last of the Summer Wines

A - Listen to the Buddha
B - Kites


enterprise said...

Good post - I found your blog while searching for a good version of this. The You Tube vid is from Mike Mansfield's 'Supersonic' on UK ITV, from 7 February 1976.

kosmikino said...

It would be great if you could repost the Listen To The Buddha backed with the cover of Kites by Simon Dupree And The Big Sound as too few Ozo recordings are available on the net.

Sadly it seems the driving force behind Ozo, Keni St. George, went AWOL a number of years back and attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful. I know I would love to see their recordings reissued as they are without a doubt one of the most criminally under-rated bands ever.

Many thanks if you can help with my request.

PS> Thanks to Enterprises for the source and date of the video, it has had me baffled for a long time where the recording came from