Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tone and Wave podcast - Episode 7

Eighties and nineties bands on this one. Some of the nineties band recorded in the '00s so we're transcending the waves here.

Podomatic is being difficult so I did it a different way this time.

Ventilators - Bring Me Your Cup (2004)
Freres Jackman and the International Elevators - Leave Our Kriz-e Alone (1992)
Freres Jackman and the International Elevators - Limbo Police (1992)
The Bruce Lee Band - Forward and Back (2005)
Guitars and Drums - Nightclubland (1983)
Steppin' Lazer - Follow the Leader (1983)
Steppin' Lazer - All I do is Ska (1983)
Ventilators - Alone in the Alley (1993)
Ventilators - Sitting and Drinking (1997)
Fun Boy Three - Farmyard Connection (1983)
Dave's Big Deluxe - Say Goodbye to Me (1997)
Klang - Beat It (1981)
Klang - Nagasaki Sun (1981)
Dead Milkmen - Quality of Death (2011)
Dead Milkmen - A Message to You Rudy (1996)


1 comment:

ivegonesolo said...

No one can make me laugh like the Dead Milkmen, fantastic. Loved the Steppin' Lazer and very sad the Klang download seems to have disappeared. Thanks for the excellent show and keep up the good work!