Sunday, July 10, 2011

ska and reggae singles

I've mentioned before that I don't post traditional ska because there are a lot of blogs that are doing a great job of it, but I do like the oldies and I have quite a bit of 'em.
Here are some you probably know and love already but maybe there's a song or two you haven't heard yet.

Black Slate
A - Boom Boom
B - Sticks Man

Byron Lee and the Dragonaires
A - Elizabethan Reggae
B - Sticks Man

A - Time Passage
B - Reggae Time

Dave and Ansell Collins
A - Double Barrel
B - Double Barrel version 2

Donna Hightower
A - Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes
B - Get T'Stepping

Jerry Jackson
A - Tell Her Johnny Said Goodbye
B - Always

Ken Boothe
A - Crying Over You
B - Now You Can See Me Again

A - Reggae Music
B - Breezin'

Winston Francis
A - Blue Moon
B - Now That I'm a Man

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