Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Conspiracy - 1993 demo tape

The Conspiracy formed in 1992 in Petaluma, California and were one of Northern California's most popular ska bands. They released 2 demo tapes (this is the second) before releasing a full length in 1995 called "Too Far Gone". They then released a 7" called "The Boot / Circus Circus" and a compilation of outtakes that included both demos but did not include the song Amoeba Man from this tape (but this same version is on Too Far Gone. In 2011 they released the full length "The Finishing Touch".

1 (It's a) Conspiracy
 2 Her Avenger
3 Amoeba Man
4 Fist Fulla Ninja

The song Her Avenger might sound familiar to you. It was on disc 2 of the first Skarmageddon compilation.


This download is my own rip of this cassette and it includes the scans. The sound quality is really good for an old cassette but if you want to hear these songs in better quality you might want to check out The Conspiracy's Bandcamp page where they allow you to download all of their music for free!

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