Sunday, May 21, 2017

Skatterbrains [Canada] - The Killer Beat (cassette 1991)

Not to be confused with the Skatterbrains from Colorado, these guys were from Canada and I don't know anything about them. This is probably the only thing they ever released and it's incredible. This should be right up there with everything that was released on Unicorn Records at the time this was recorded. There are 12 tracks on this cassette-only album and all 12 are ska. How did this go unnoticed for so long?

1 The Killer Beat
2 Theme Song
3 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
4 Love Thy Neighbour (But Don't Get Caught)
5 Scandal
6 Possessed
7 Cheesy Love Song
8 Questions
9 Messin' Around
10 Road Warrior
11 Skankin' for Family Pleasure
12 TV Preachers



Jon said...

They released at least one CD as well, which I've long since lost. I can't say I remember too much about it other than the font was the exact same, so I'm sure it was the same band. I'll try to remember more info about it.

Jon said...

I found an interview with Skatterbrains here: and it mentions the CD would be coming out in the spring, so I guess that would be either 1992 or 93, which would be around the time I would have gotten something like that. If I recall I didn't think much of it.

Tone and Wave said...

Thank you have me intrigued. I am now on the lookout for this CD. Thank you for linking to that magazine! I will get a good image of the Skatterbrains article but it looks like there are some other good bands featured as well.

sleeping duty said...

Hey, are you still looking for this?

Tone and Wave said...

I'm still looking for a copy of the CD "Buckwheat Road" from 1992. There are a couple of copies available on Discogs but the prices are a bit too ambitious for me.