Saturday, December 30, 2017

House in Orbit - Same Sun (demo tape 1991)

This one is so rare that I'm not thoroughly convinced that it exists (even though I have the physical copy).

The band House In Orbit was from Austin Texas that was voted Best Reggae Band in Austin in 1993. They released a demo tape in 1993 called "Turn Left at the Moon" which I don't have because nobody has it. I don't think one single copy of it exists. Despite how rare that tape is this one is even more rare.
See, the tape is titled "Same Sun" after their song of the same name, but that song is not on the tape. Like the Doors with "Strange Days" A live version of the song "Same Sun" was released on a compilation in 1991 called "KLBJ FM's Local Licks Live 1990".

There are only two tracks (repeated on both sides) on this tape:

01 Stand Front
02 Money

"Stand Front" is an incredible ska-punk song (one of those "how did this go unnoticed for so long?" ska songs) which did see another release. The label Reel George Productions put out a compilation in 1991 called "Tales From the Edge Volume III: Cannibal Crabs Crawl to Kill" that included it.

I'm guessing both songs were included on the official demo but I have no idea what the track listing is.


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