Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mistakes [U.K.]

Mistakes - Out of Time 7" (1995)
A - Stand in Line
B1 - Out of Time
B2 - All Over This Land

Mistakes - Shut Up and Dance 7" (1996)
A - Shut Up and Dance
B1 - Fortune Teller
B2 - Plastic Gangsters

Mistakes - Out Now CD (1998)
1 Make No Mistake
2 Ordinary Day
3 Stand in Line
4 Can't You See
5 I'm in Front Now
6 Looking for a Way

*Sense of Freedom (from A Full English Breakfast compilation)

They made videos for all three songs from the first 7"

They had a demo tape from 1998 that was released as a CD called "Shot in the Dark" but I have never found the cassette demo, or the CD.  


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