Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Trespassers - The Adventures of Los Bandeleros (1999)

 These are the guys who did that great song "Gonna Get It, Nazi Punks" that was on Skarmageddon 3 and a few other compilations in the mid 90s. That version was from their demo tape which I do not have and I have never heard. The song is on this album but it's a re-recording. I prefer the original.

1 Riot at the Dancehall

2 Man Eater

3 Lonely Boy

4 Is There One?

5 The Disrupter

6 Come Correct

7 Gonna Get It!

8 La Casa Blanca

9 What Happened to You?

10 Anarchy in America

11 Roots Style

12 The End of Time

13 Come Correct (Edit)


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