Sunday, November 13, 2022

The Norman Three Sixty - The Norman Three-Sixty (1996)


The Norman Three-Sixty (also called The Norman 360) was a ska band from Lawrence, Kansas. As you can tell from their logo the band was named after an oscillating fan. Their sound is more legitimate ska than it is ska-punk. 

I don't know if they ever released, or even recorded, anything besides this cassette. The song "Sonic" from this recording was on Skarmageddon 3 but I haven't found anything else by them except for a live show that was recorded live in-studio at the University of Kansas on their radio station KJHK in October 1998. I included this whole recording in the download. Much thanks to theNuthouse Soundcloud channel for preserving and sharing this gem!

1 Fall Up Get Down

2 Put a Little Laughter

3 Imbibe

4 Sunshine

5 Sonic

6 Wormwood Scrubs

7 Choke it Down

8 Drinkin' Father's Liquor

9 Vegetable Song

10 Sheep in the Barnyard


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