Sunday, December 31, 2023

Tone and Wave - 2007 - 2023



Anonymous said...

so long, farewell

Rude Rich said...

Jason, no me queda mas que agradecerte por todo el tiempo, dinero y esfuerzo que le has dedicado a este blog, soy seguidor de t&W desde hace mucho tiempo (posiblemente desde el inicio) y creo que hablo por muchos al decir que T&W, es y sera el mejor blog (enciclopedia) de Ska de todos los tiempos.

¡¡Viva Jason Duncan!!
¡¡VIva Tone and Wave!!

Anonymous said...

gracie di tutto, mi hai fatto compagnia per anni. buona vita

EricC said...

Thank you so much for all the amazing ska over the years!

In search of the Ska said...

R. I. P. T&W

Thank you Jason for all the great stuff!

Stay rude! Salute 😎✌🏻

Rikard said...

Thanks for all the good music over the years! Great choice for a farewell song too!

Tone and Wave said...

Farewell. I thank you and everyone else who listens to and shares this music. Thank you for helping me keep the spirit of ska alive!

Palabras muy lisonjero. Gracias. Estoy de acuerdo en que este es el mejor blog de ska en la historia de Internet (hasta ahora), pero fue un esfuerzo de grupo. Este blog no habría sido lo que es sin toda
la ayuda que recibí de tantos otros contribuyentes, ¡así que les agradezco por ayudar a que este blog sea grandioso!

Sei il benvenuto! Mi piace sapere che questa musica è apprezzata. La vita è bella, lo ska la rende migliore!

You're very welcome! Thank you for all your comments over the years. I know I wasn't as reciprocating as I should have been but your comments were always read and always appreciated.

In Search of the Ska:
Heut' trinken wir - du kennst mich nur zu gut!
Manchmal, wenn ich an all das Geld denke, das ich im Laufe der Jahre für Bier verschwendet habe, stelle ich mir vor, wie es wäre, jetzt so viel Geld zu haben.
Stellen Sie sich vor, wie viel Bier ich damit kaufen könnte!

I thank you just the same!
I didn't plan on putting a song on my final post but I was playing music in the car just a few days before and that song just made sense and I decided to post it.
(It does make me wonder what they were thinking when they made the song. Were they planning on calling it quits at that time? It's a good thing they didn't. They released a lot of
great music after that.)

I'll be posting a lot of good music (and even more crappy music) on Tune Out

It will be just like Tone and Wave without all of the ska music.

Demo tapes, rare records, lost gems. There will be some ska and pop-reggae but that will just be a small part of it.

Tone and Wave was important to me and I wanted to keep it strictly ska as much as I could. It was a serious blog.

Tune Out is something I don't really care about so I'm going to let loose and have fun and post some rare music along the way.

In search of the Ska said...

😂😂😂 Awesome comment.
Up yours! My dear old friend
and cheers to all the beers.

Pretender Selector said...

Thanks for your amazing job! Tone and Wave will be deeply missed. Greetings from Catalonia!

Anonymous said...

I saw a very old post you had for Low Pressure, being from the area, I saw this band at the Showcase back then. They also had another song on Punk Vs Ska Round 2 called Liar. Anyway, this was a great blog, thank you.

WDM said...

Cheers and thx for your time & spirit

april5k said...

The end of an era! Farewell and thank you!

Captain said...

Cheers for keeping the faith for 16 years. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Vielen DAnk und alles Gute! Ich werde T&W vermissen

Rudie said...

Thank you so much for the music! You've been a treasure trove!

Anonymous said...

Nothing but thanks for all the time and passion invested in the blog.
Hope you come back someday
AAll the best, man-

Fernando Da Silva Oliveira said...

Thank you !Cheers from Brazil