Saturday, December 9, 2023

Shakerz - Shakerz (1998)


This was a female-fronted ska band from Orange County, California in the 90s. Imagine if No Doubt was actually a ska band (they weren't) they would sound like this. 

This CD is the only thing this band released aside from the song "Christmas Wrapping" that was on the 1998 Drive-Thru Records compilation Christmas Gone Wrong

I have included the song "Christmas Wrapping" in this download so you have every song they ever released. 

1 Selfish One

2 Soca Loca

3 Pipe Dreams

4 Hard to Name

5 Boogie Man

6 Island Joe

7 Interlude (Outback)

8 Christmas Wrapping





DOWNLOAD from Pixeldrain



Did you hear that? in the video at the 13:40 mark she said "We have tapes for sale in the back."

They have a demo tape. We need to find this!


Anonymous said...

The end of days...

Hmmm hasn't quite ended yet ?

Tone and Wave said...

This is the very first sentence in that post:

"We always knew this day would come but now it's just a few weeks away. I have a few more things that I want to post before the new year. Before the blog ends."