Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dave's Big Deluxe - Live at the University High Prom


Dave's Big Deluxe was another short-lived band from the mid 90s hailing from Tucson Arizona. They only ever released 2 full lengths as well as this E.P. which is a sample of songs from both albums performed live. This rare E.P. will appeal to fans of Let's Go Bowling though it's style is more unique and, though it follows in the vein of the original 2Tone sound, it's a bit more intense.

1 Little L.A.
2 Old Pueblo Swing
3 It's O.K. to be Ska
4 Left & Right
5 Fat



the burrito king!!! said...


Billy K said...

Well, I wouldn't say short-lived. We started in 1991 and kept going through '99, I think (I quit in 1998).

And we released three full-lengths, 1 EP and 1 45.

If anyone cares, I'd be happy to up them. We lost rights long ago, and the records sure as hell aren't going to be repressed ever.

P.S. Thanks, Burrito King.

snuffer said...

@billy k
HEY! I got only two songs from Miss Fortune album (some old cassette!). I want an upload, please, cause I cannot find your music here in fuckin Serbia... You were really fine band! Are you still playing in some other bands?

Anonymous said...

Dave's Big Deluxe was bad ass. I still listen to my "Sounds From the Credenza" cd, and I have "Old Pueblo Ska" on my jogging playlist. Motivators! I heard they split because the singer got a job in Colorado repairing Xerox machines or something.

Anonymous said...

Can this link be fixed too?