Monday, April 26, 2010

The Aquabats vs. Gwar

A Ska Parade broadcast from July 25th 1998.

It really is better than you might think.

20 minutes



Anonymous said...

heard it was a nigthmare, it sucks

Tone and Wave said...

Most people might say that it sucks.

GWAR fans will definitely say it sucks.

It seems like it was cut short and the ending is a bit of a cop out.

My Superhero doesn't really serve a purpose.

It probably won't appeal to people who don't know who Tazy and Albino Brown are. I actually was talking to Tazy right after he conceived the idea (some show at the Barn in Riverside - I forget who was playing that night) and I thought it was a completely stupid idea.
A lot of the people I knew at the time thought it was a stupid idea so none of them listened to the Ska Parade that night except for one friend (a Mexican skinhead named Larry) who said he heard the last few minutes and he thought it was funny. This piqued my curiosity and I eventually gave it a chance.

It most certainly is stupid but not as stupid as I thought it would be.

I like it.

It's the Aquabats. You weren't expecting something more refined were you?

Sleepless Tyrant said...

It's not The Aquabats, really - any more than it was GWAR. It was written by Tazy and Albino Brown. They just read some lines in the radio studio. (from what I heard) I don't think they were very happy with the whole thing.

GIMETZCO! said...

i remember this quite well, and it's got a few funny jokes, but it was said to be a difficult recording to do, bu the gwar guys were totally down with it, it was the BATS that were tough to wrangle. regardless, i recorded the darn thing on cassette when it aired. i've listened to it plenty, even supplying artwork (more like crappy fan art) of the whole thing. alas i cannot seem to find it to show off how lame it was. i think it's fun enough.

Eduardohutch said...

I'm a GWAR fan, and I didn't like it at first, but it's one of those things that grew on me. Many years ago, I was the first in my circle to get my hands on a lot of GWAR B-sides, and the recording of Ska Parade was one of them. I tagged it onto the end of the CD I made and it made the rounds. Not a lot of positive feedback from people who weren't into ska or knew who the Aquabats were. But today, I look at it as one of those truly rare gems's unique.

Anonymous said...

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