Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Urban Blight

My Side of the Fence EP (1983)
A1 - My Side of the Fence
A2 - Shades of Blue
B1 - Bits About
B2 - A Nite Out

A Night Out 12" (1983)
A - A Night Out
B - Urban Night Dub

Peace Train 12" (1984)
A - Peace Train
B - Peace Dub

From the Westside to the Eastside EP (1987)
1 House of Gold
2 Get Closer
3 The World Keeps Spinning
4 U Must Be
5 Go Bouncin'
6 The World Keeps Spinning (instrumental)


Much thanks to James!!


fredloafer said...

Love This¡¡¡

Kames Jelly said...

Urban Blight were one hell of a band. If anyone out there wants the actual records, they're not TOO hard to come by, and they're usually pretty cheap. There are always at least one or two on Ebay.

Christian S said...

thanks for this... for all of us who have the records but don't know how to get them onto our computers. UB is playing on Sunday in NYC, at the old Ritz

Anonymous said...

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Mookie said...

I know this is old but any chance of reposting this? I have these all on vinyl and would love to have them in mp3 format.

Tone and Wave said...

Here you go:


Mookie said...