Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beurk's Band LP (1989)

...submitted by Rikard.

Beurk's Band were from Aubervilliers, France.
They recorded two songs for Kompil' Ska Paris '88': Why and Tempo. Why is the same version as on this album but Tempo was re-recorded for this - their only full-length. The one on this record is a terrible attempt at early 80s New York style rap. The one on the compilation was a ska version that has a rap part in it.

You can find Kompil' Ska Paris '88' here:
(thanks to the original poster - whoever you are).

Tempo was later released as a single with the b-side Z'y Va but I can't tell you what version.

A1 - Rub a Dub
A2 - Assez de Victimes
A3 - Tcherno Bal
A4 - Why
A5 - Anger
B1 - Com'on Everybody
B2 - Police Menotte Prison
B3 - Tempo
B4 - Z'y Va


paddyska said...

used to love this album

i liked to put z'y va on before i left for a night out!!!

Tone and Wave said...

So, are you saying it's the best song on the album?

If you are, then I agree.

paddyska said...

that and 'why'