Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crown Agent - Occupational Hazzard 7" (1981)

Somebody sent me an email a couple years back about this one and they hinted that this was U2 with a female singer. I don't know that this information is true but, coincidentally, it was produced by Laurie Mellor who once organized a Christian retreat in the early 80s that U2 not only attended, but spoke at...and a recording was made:

The January 1981 retreat was held at the Gaines Christian Center in Worcester, England, and organized by Laurie Mellor as a Ghettout Music event. Mellor started Ghettout Music in 1980 as a recording and management company for motivating Christian musicians to leave the Christian music sub-culture behind for the mainstream music world.

...On the 45-minute recording, Bono, then 20, and Edge, 19, speak about their faith, the battles they face as Christians in the music business and their sense of what lies ahead for U2. They read Scripture, talk about justifying the expense of producing their next single ("Fire") in the face of global poverty, tell a few jokes and invite feedback from the audience.

(excerpts from HERE)

Keep in mind that this article doesn't support that this is U2 - in fact I don't think it is, but there is a small possibility since this record provides no info. about the band at all.

Before investigating this record I had no idea that U2 was a Christian band.

This is a Christian record. I can't tell you what the first song is about (who is this Edgar that she's singing to?). The b-side is obviously an attack on Mormons.

What would Jesus do?

A - Occupational Hazzard
B - Negative Image

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