Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Andy Pandemonium - I'm Just a Dummy (For Your Love) 7" (1980)

Andy Pandemonium was formed in the late summer of 1979 in the South Wales industrial town of Llanelli. The band members had played together previously in various combinations on the local scene, but the summer of 1979 saw keyboard player Paul “Nick” Nicholas write a series of distinctive songs that effectively combined the eccentricity of the less self-indulgent aspects of 1970s British rock with the urgency and energy of the post-punk new wave. Nick had previously featured in Llanelli-based folk rockers Carraig Aonair alongside drummer Pete Mason, and the pair had previously played with guitarist John “Sioni” Davies and bassist Gareth Phillips in numerous local ventures. Aware of the need for audience friendly presentation of the material, the band decided to recruit singer, sax-player, accordionist and all round dramatic performer Roj to complete the line up. (more)
(thanks to Bristolboy for the link!)

I have been after this record for a while and, as I had just received my tax return and, since the car decided to not have any major problems this year, I decided to indulge myself in a slightly expensive gift. The very day I was going to spend this paltry bit of money on this record Dudley from Antistereotypes sent me the songs.
Both are friggin' great so I hope you appreciate them at least half as much as I do and, if you're not already accustomed, you need to check out Antistereotypes

A - I'm Just a Dummy (For Your Love)

B - Living in Flats

...and, oh yeah, I spent the money I was going to spend on this on something else that's possibly more rare and interesting than this. You'll see in a few weeks.


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Nice 45 - I'll be posting their 2nd 45 soon