Friday, February 17, 2012

004 - State of Affairs: 1980-1983 [LINKS UPDATED NOVEMBER 18, 2018]

004 (pronounced "Double-O Four") was from Utah and they were known for playing the ON Klub every now and then. Their drummer later went on to play with 4 Non Blondes before her tragic death in 1997.

1 Second Thoughts
2 Ready For Love
3 Dance Dance Dance
4 World of Concern
5 Evil Minds
6 Passionate Touching
7 Limited War
8 In Trouble (With Love)
9 Public Services
10 Kind Love
11 Dance Together
12 War in America
13 Dance Trance (from live KUED PMN PBS video)
14 World of Concern (Dub-Worldmix)
15 Public Services (Public-Dub version)
16 Brite Lite (Motor Home Mix Dub)
17 Let Me Be (rapid Transit version)




Marco On The Bass said...

This is an awesome find! Never heard of them, but will look into finding out more!

Tone and Wave said...

I knew they had a demo tape and at least one 7" but that's all I knew. This was sent to me last night and I was unbelievably pleased.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this!

Can you please re-post the Ska-Boom album + singles?

Also, Stretch Armstrong - Old School is corrupt

Anonymous said...

I have the original tape, with the felt tip marker colors, that I bought in the early 80's. I burned it to my iTunes and I sill listen to it now and then. I loved this band and The Clique.

Mike P. said...

Outstanding that you finally found this. I never could!