Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Pin Baskets - 30,000 Rabbits 7'' (1984)

The Pin Baskets released one full length in 1986 called Fifteen Minutes with Betty Betz and they contributed two live songs for the compilation album Punk, Live in Brouwershoeck which featured punk and heavy metal bands, mainly from Holland recorded live in1982 in Leeuwarden.

 Here's a video for the song "Never the Same" from their full-length

...and HERE's the song "Does it Matter?" from the live compilation.

They were a great band but this is the only thing they did that had a ska influence. If you can find a copy of this, grab it. It's hard to come by.

I don't have the Betty Betz album yet, but I did include both songs form the comp in this download.

A - 30,000 Rabbits
B - Glad to be Different
* Does it Matter (live)
* Hate and Fear (live)

"30,000 Rabbits"


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