Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sweeties - Midnight Affair / Moskow Train 7" (1980)


This was my birthday present this year from the wife. Practically impossible to track down.*
Even the discography for Sandwich Records on Discogs has a gap where this should be. (This is SR04).
Since Sandwich Records was a Belgian label I am assuming The Sweeties were from Belgium. (?!...brilliant deduction, right?). No info about the band or even about this record on the internet. Not that I could find anyway.

A - Midnight Affair
A - Moskow Train


* "Impossible doesn't mean very difficult. Very difficult is winning the Nobel Prize; impossible is eating the Sun."
 -Lou Reed in the service of Penn Jillette

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Anonymous said...

Hey there I play the Janitors against apartheid demos you posted
up and down!Have you got more stuff to post from them like their 10'incher?