Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Lodgers

As you can see here the "official" demo is supposed to have 5 songs:

A Tribute to Glenn Ford
Silly Girl
Please Come Back
Wonderful World
Is this the life

...the demo tape I have is plain black with no writing on it. It has a total of 8 songs...the five listed above, a demo of "Do the Right Thing" from the 12" and two other songs that I don't know the titles of.
I'm guessing one is called "Forevermore" and the other is an instrumental so I have no clue what that one is called.

All 8 demo songs and the 12" are included in this download.

If you aren't familiar with the Lodgers they sound like this:

They have other songs from compilations that I didn't include...but you can hear them on their Myspace.


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icastico said...

Hello fellow New Mexican...

Rare NM musics from the 80's on available here:

Looking forward to digging around your place here.