Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ska City Rockers

This is sort of a re-post. I have previously posted the Time is Tight 7" and the Forty Miles of Bad Road 7" HERE.
This download includes both of those but it also includes the b-side of the Time is Tight 12". Three songs that were never available on this blog before. This is a re-post deluxe.

Time is Tight 12"
B1 - In the Midnight Hour
B2 - Barefootin'
B3 - I Can't Turn You Loose

"In the Midnight Hour"


[My record is in terrible condition. I am posting the A sides that were previously posted that were taken from the 100% British Ska compilation because those are in much better quality and it took me forever to get an acceptable version of the B-sides.]

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