Monday, February 15, 2016

Boilers - Rockin' Steady (1988) [REPOST]

Reposted by request...

1 Outta Control
2 Ice in Her Eyes
3 Coeur a Voil
4 Red Snapper
5 Twisted Step
6 Under Pressure
7 Trouble Me
8 Straight Road Curving
9 Ganjibus Gorilla
10 So Much I Would Leave You
11 In This Time
12 Boiled Potato



The Boilers also had a cassette-only release from 1987 called Flotsam

1 Chubby
2Ganjibus Gorilla
3 Oppressor Man
4 In This Time
5 Ice in Her Eyes
6 Twisted Step
7 Permanent Holiday
8 Cour a Voil
*Brighter Days (from the compilation New York Beat: Hit & Run from 1986)
*Bal' Man Jump (from the compilation SkaVille USA vol. 3 from 1988)




Anonymous said...

Oi!! Oi!!! Oi!!!! Million thanks for this post!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks from here too, great to see T&W going strong after all these years. R