Saturday, July 9, 2016

Etch-A-Sketch [Ann Arbor Michigan]

The band Etch-A-Sketch from Ann Arbor Michigan made an impact in the American ska scene of the early 90s but, sadly, they never released anything aside from their very few appearances on compilations. They released two songs on the "Ska Takes the Great Lakes" compilation as well as the song "Too Late" on the "Death of an American Skathic" comp.

As far as I know they only got around to recording six songs in a studio. This download includes all six of those songs.

1  Hit the Ground
2 Inhibitions
3 (Spirit of) Leslie Kong
4 Too Late
5 Escape
6 Killer Bees



Anonymous said...

They released a few live cassettes too according to their discogs site.

Tone and Wave said...

Yep. All of their recordings are available for download here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks!I see u have done your homework:)

I now it dont fit to this post but could u locate any Nuclear Rabbit demo yet?

Tone and Wave said...

As far as I know Nuclear Rabbit's demos were released as Vicuna

Aside from that I don't think I have any of their other demos.

Anonymous said...

This compilation Vicuna has selected songs from each demo,so there are more flouting around for the die hard fans.I have already one called "Bowling for Midgets" tape it has a secret Metallica cover of "One".
So I thought u might have one of the other original demos as well bcz your collection of rar stuff is great!