Sunday, October 29, 2017

va Honey for Tea - A Collection of Cambridge Bands (1982)

This is not a ska record but I'm posting this for several reasons...

First, it's rare. Second, there are a few songs on here that have a ska influence. I included the Hondo song on the Hondo post.
Third, I don't really have anything else prepared but I feel a need to make a post.

1 The Great Divide - Elements and Innocence
2 The Lonely - The Hurt
3 Your Dinner - Worthwhile Work in a Pleasant Atmosphere
4 Sindy and the Action Men - You're So Lucky
5 Pure Thought - Caught in the Middle
6 The Agents - Walking on Water
7 The Amyl Dukes - Universe
8 The Rapiers - Blaze of Glory
9 Hondo - Party
10 Su Lyn Band - Feels Like Magic
11 Seven Fifty-Four - Civilized World
12 The Innocent Bystanders - In Love With Emotion



Mark L. said...

Nice, totally fine by me, I luv these obscure 'regional' comps :)

razor said...

that is a really fine compilation! thanks for that!

Tone and Wave said...

I do try to keep Tone and Wave strictly ska but I do have a lot of these "not strictly ska" records that I know people will appreciate and they're not available anywhere else online. I did that one post thinking I would do more but I never got around to it. My goal for next weekend is to do another "Not Quite Ska" post. Those of you who do appreciate the non-ska stuff are vocal about it and that's encouraging. Lot's of good stuff coming next weekend. (If I have time.)