Sunday, March 10, 2019

Name that Tune - SOLVED!

Last April I did a post (THIS ONE) asking if anybody knew what this song in this video is.

Not one person knew or even made a suggestion.

This was not my personal search. Someone had been looking for this song for 25 years and asked me for any leads. I had nothing to offer.

This past week the person who started the search finally found the artist and song title.

"Drowning in a Sea of Shit" by a band called Citizen X.
The song was from the 1990 Thrasher compilation cassette called "Pierced Ears".

Here's the full song:

Thanks to Matt for the follow up. I was pretty wrapped up in the hunt myself. This was relieving for me I can only imagine what he feels like after 25 years.
Also thanks to the person who was kind enough to rip their tape and send it to him and to the vocalist from Citizen X who allowed it to be posted on YouTube.

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