Saturday, February 20, 2021

Ska '98 - Ska '98 (1998)

If you go on eBay right now and search "ska" at least 14 million copies of this album will appear in your search. On CD and vinyl and cassette and 8-track tape. Those who don't know better would think this was the most popular album in the 1990s ska scene. 

Most of the sellers list this as a compilation album, but it's not. 

This is a Christian ska album. It is not a compilation - the "band" is called Ska '98. They weren't an actual band. It was a collaboration of Christian musicians who wanted to take advantage of the popularity of ska at the time to preach the Gospel. 

And preach they did. If you are Christian you will appreciate the lyrics. If you are not Christian you can still appreciate that they were talented ska musicians but the lyrics will wear thin real fast.

1 More

2 Drown

3 Found You

4 People Fall

5 Final Stone

6 Oh God

7 You are the Only

8 Let Down

9 My Own Eyes

10 untitled




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