Tuesday, September 21, 2021

2 Tonic

2 Tonic was a British ska band that was active for the better part of a decade. You probably never heard of them because they were not out for world domination. They played locally and they released three studio albums and two live albums that were released on CDRs with photocopy covers that were basically only sold at their shows. 

Being from California I would have, most likely, never heard of them in my lifetime if it were not for the awesome power of Myspace. 

Over the years I have been looking for their releases and I was fortunate enough to find three out of the five. As it turns out, I found the three studio releases and neither of the two live CDs. C'est la vie. 

2 Tonic - Welcome to My World (2001)

1 Welcome to My World

2 My Girl Lollipop

3 Here Come da Hurricane

4 Big Shot

5 Porkies

6 Dave & Mary

7 Boys

8 Death & Glory

9 Same Old Song

10 Who's Sorry?

11 Asta la Vista


2 Tonic - Factory Yarns (2003)

1 Who's Sorry Now

2 Sleepless

3 Gotta Get Away

4 Hurricane

5 No Way

6 48 Hours

7 Replay

8 Just Messin'

9 Hasta la Vista

10 Secret Lover

11 Big Shot

12 Porkies


 2 Tonic - Beneath the Desert Sun (2006)

1 Desert Sun

2 Blus Suited Revenge

3 English Boy

4 Dead End Job

5 The Boys are Back in Town

6 Secret Lover

7 Who's Sorry Now (JC Mix)

8 Bankrobba

9 Shine a Light (live)

10 Xmas Medley

11 Dead End Job (Baritone Mix)




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