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 This was a German ska band that had some noticeable influence from The Police but their overall sound - especially the vocals - is very much comparable to Fischer Z

Müllerbeat - Don't Call Me Müller (1992)

1 Call Me Müller

2 Shelter

3 Home

4 Outside the Door

5 Big Girl

6 Love on the 2nd Floor

7 The World is Too Big

8 Better Side of Me

9 1000 Words

10 It's Alright

11 No Care

12 Mackintosh

13 Night

 Müllerbeat - Jig 'n' Jostle (demo tape 1990)

1 Experts

2 The Earth is Round

3 Hometown

4 Love on the 2nd Floor

5 Just Look Around

6 1000 Words

7 (This is a) Song About

8 The World is Too

9 Big Girl

10 Outside the Door

11 untitled

12 untitled 


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Since we're on the subject of Fischer Z I must say that I am really a big fan. I have just about all of their music. It should be noted that one of their earliest releases was a ska-inspired song - The Worker - and they maintained a bit of a ska influence throughout their long history as a band. 

At one point there was a dispute between the band and the record label so the band renamed itself The Cry and their first release under the new name was a ska song called Take It Round Again.

 For my American friends I have to explain that the name "Fischer Z" is pronounced "fischer zed" or, more appropriately "Fishes Head".

 John Watts is a clever man and great song writer with as great unique voice. Watch this video where he explains the story behind The Worker

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