Sunday, March 12, 2023

Last Orders - Who Do You Turn To? (1993)

  One of the great lost ska albums. Last Orders were from Norfolk U.K. (Great Yarmouth region) and were a driving force in the mod/scooter movement in the early 90s. 

 This album has been lost to the sands of time but it needs to be heard. If you have a YouTube channel or any other social media site please share this album with everybody. Put it put there. Let them get the attention that they deserve.   

1 Rain Keeps Falling

2 Telstar

3 All the Way to Heaven

4Bed of Roses

5 Sally Brown

6 In My Nature

7 Eat You for Breakfast

8 On Holiday

9 Concrete Jungle

10 It's Alright

11 Last Orders

12 Postman Pat

13 Put in Writing

14 Nite Club


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Anonymous said...

correct region is North East Anglia Region