Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crazy 8s - Law and Order (1983)

Okay, read THIS.
They have released other albums which aren't hard to find (SEE)

The cover here is for the original release from 1983 but the download is for the re-release so it's in better quality and has more tracks.

1 Law and Order
2 Johnny Q
3 Count Your Money
4 Rude Boys Don't Win
5 Fine Tunin'
6 Don't You Really Want to Know
7 Johnny Q
8 Law and Order
9 Count Your Money
10 Rude Boys Don't Win
11 Fine Tunin'
12 Don't You Really Want to Know
13 Ridin' Down the Campaign Trail
14 (untitled)

"Don't You Really Want to Know?"

"Law and Order"

...and a great performance of "Fine Tunin'" from 1985

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