Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Released - The Worker 7" (198?)

These guys were Dutch and this was released on Don Quixote Records. It seems the real push for the record was for the song No Promises. The Worker should have been a B-side but it was better than No Promises so they released it as a double A-side. Anything else I can't tell you. I used to have it written down somewhere what year this was released but I can't find my notes. If I have to hazard a guess I'll say either '81 or '82. Don't quote me in that.

A - No Promises
A - The Worker


Anonymous said...

great track

Tone and Wave said...

I agree! (It does go on a bit long though, doesn't it?)

bristolboy said...

My sentiments exactly - It starts off well but by just over half way I can feel the urge to skip a bit! - maybe it's my short attention span but I'll blame the computer age anyway.