Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunshine - Double Dealin' 7" (1981)

Ultra rare ska!
I have looked for this damn record for years and finally - here it is. Not a bad tune either.
These guys were from Ireland and they had some other non-ska releases. This one here may have been their final record.
Trombone on this one was provided by John Trotter of the Plattermen.

They had a minor hit in 1964 with a soul cover of Perry Como's "Catch a Falling Star" (The b-side to that is a song called "Only Friends")
They tried their hand at disco in 1979 with "Boogie on Up / Don't Stop Me" 7"
and they had a couple more singles I know nothing about: "Love Me Love Me Do" and "Dance with Me"
Keep in mind I've never heard any of their other music and they barely exist anywhere on the internet so my descriptions of their other releases may be dead wrong.

A - Double Dealin'
B - Double Dealin' (instrumental)


bristolboy said...

there's a bit more info here

Tone and Wave said...

Thanks for the link! I wonder why it never came up in a Google search for me. I have been led to that site many times before but for some reason not when I searched this band.
The internet - she is a fickle mistress.

Anonymous said...

They used to appear on Clubsound's tv show (another Northern Irish band) each week. The song I always heard them sing was 'Top Of The World' - the old Carpenters song. They had a female vocalist by this stage.

Anonymous said...

just downloaded these and listened - they have a female vocalist here too, so ignore that bit :-)

Anonymous said... Yeah I found this easy enough....

How do I contact you to pass on a recent release of Irish Ska & Reggae Bands.... 1st ever Irish ska & reggae compilation

Anonymous said...

Check This Irish Reggae from 1979

Jim said...

Love the Zebra track - I bought that 12" in Good Vibrations record shop many moons ago. Super stuff.

Also I stand corrected on the 'another' Northern Irish band. I just assumed Sunshine were from the North because they were on Clubsound's show. Vague memories, but they were on more than once so they may have been regulars on that show?