Saturday, October 9, 2021

No Sports - The Tour de France Concerts (1987)


This is probably No Sports' very first release. I would assume that it's a demo tape but the production quality is incredible. I think they may have had a demo tape before this and this is their first studio release. I can't say for sure. It's called the Tour de France Concerts but it is not a live recording. It was recorded in a studio in Germany. 

I have a copy of the tape. The front cover is a sticker and the inlay card is hand-made written by an old type writer.

 I mentioned before that my scanner is dying (at this time it's completely dead*) so these images are respectfully stolen from Discogs. The images from Discogs for this release are really well done so I tip my hat to the uploader and on my copy the sticker is trimmed off on the left side so I appreciate that the images on Discogs are not trimmed and they show the full sticker.

No Sports - The Tour de France Concerts (1987)

1 Lack of Time

2 Television

3 Tour de France

4 Rattlesnake

5 Delta Men

6 Rudy (Rude)


This download also includes the rare bootleg EP from 1995. It's an unofficial release but the sound quality is  really good. 

No Sports - Live EP (1995)

1 Mandigo (Untouchables cover)

2 Summer

3 The Way of the Dragon

4 Stay Rude, Stay Rebel

5 Turn It On

6 Girlie Girlie (Sophia George cover)




DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare


*Our friend Rikard mailed me some physical copies of some old skazines and I intend to scan each and every page from each and every 'zine but my scanner just wasn't in the mood.

 Scanners were made with one purpose in life and that purpose is to scan things. But if you ask your scanner to scan things they get an attitude. I'm like "Hey scanner, can you scan this CD cover??" and my scanner is all "Umm..I dunno...I suppose I can, can we just do this later?"

 Anyhoo I just bought a new expensive scanner that I'm hooking up this weekend. I bought it for the sole purpose of scanning Rikard's 'zines. Let's see how it goes. 

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