Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Varicoasters [Eugene, Oregon]


This was a ska-punk band who only ever released this one album which is very rare.

They had a couple songs on compilations that weren't on the album which were included with a couple of other songs on a MP3 -only release called 4 songs that came out shortly after the album was released.

This download includes the album and the "4-Songs" EP so I think this is everything this band ever released.

The Varicoasters - She Loves Me Not (1998)

1 Sked St.

2 Lucky Penny

3 All Alone

4 Eugene Or

5 It's All Right

6 Fugitive

7 Beautiful Girl

8 Rhubarb Hubbub

9 Wicked Touch

10 Whisper

11 Me & Mr. Hammerface

12 Sundays

13 Tornado

14 (untitled)



Varicoasters - 4 Songs EP (1998)

1 Anyway She Can

2 Marco Polo

3 Oh Christine

4 Mary's Face


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