Sunday, November 21, 2021

Chowder Boy - The Soup is Off (2003)

 This is probably the worst cover I have ever seen for a ska album. This band is from the UK and they are heavily inspired by Sam Raimi films - Evil Dead in particular - but rest assured that this is a ska album. This isn't even "horror-ska" it's more along the lines of Less Than Jake. There are 8 tracks on this CD and 6 of them are ska-punk. None are punk/heavy metal. The cover is very misleading.

I think they were a great band but I think they screwed themselves with this CD cover. Ska fans would not have bought this if they saw this CD in a local record shop and any heavy metal fans who did buy this CD based on the cover would have been severely disappointed to hear ska music. 

1 Lesta Specs

2 Rock Mullet

3 Mike Kell's Sideburns

4 Bruce Campbell Sez

5 Kiss My Face

6 Kylie on Ice

7 Perfect to Begin

8 Uglee

9 (hidden track that plays after track 8) Chowder Boy



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