Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Skandals - Alive with Pleasure (1996)

 This band was from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and this is probably the only thing they ever released. This is (I'm guessing) a demo tape but it was professionally made with a printed shell and the quality of the music is a superior product for a demo tape. 

I like a lot of these old ska and ska/punk tapes for the novelty factor of me having actually been there and knowing what these bands sound like live but I know it doesn't translate very well to people these days who weren't there and have nothing but a hissy tape to prove these bands existed, but this one stands out above most of the others to me.

With that in mind I want you to compare any of those other old ska demo tapes with this one. Can you agree that this band was a little more advanced than most of the others? The songwriting? The lyrics? The musicianship? 

They have their flaws, I'm not going to lie, but I really wish they had done more.

I'm impressed.

1 Minute Woe Milk*

2 Sport Bowl 39

3 Assembly Line**

4 Amnesia

5 Morning

6 Face the Music


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*The title on the tape is Minute Woe Milk but Cullen James, who was in the band, posted this song on his YouTube channel*** with the title Minute Lube Milk. I can't imagine what the real title is. 

**The song Assembly Line appeared on the 1998 compilation "American Skathic 4".

***His YouTube channel is where I respectfully stole all of these songs from. I don't have my own copy of this tape.

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