Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Ventilators - Live Demo Tape (1992)


This is another tape that I do not own because nobody owns this one. It was never released. Thankfully a YouTube channel posted it and I respectfully stole it to share it with you. They also have the other Ventilators demo tape called"Ska" that I previously posted HERE and it has the correct titles. There were no titles listed on the tape or card so I had to guess and I got a couple wrong. I've been meaning to update the tracks on Discogs. That channel is called Radio Skamachine and they also have some other rare Ventilators live recordings.


1 Saddle Up

2 Take Me Away

3 Jean's Theme 1

4 Cha War

5 Jean's Theme 2 (Flying Saucer)

6 Rude Boys

7 Remembrance

8 Meteors

9 Johnny be Good

10 Brand New Lover

11 Matt's Theme

12 Political

13 You're Wondering Now





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