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Silent Q - 1983 demo tape

 Silent Q was a ska band from Ottawa, Canada who started out as a band called Al's Garage. They never recorded anything aside from this demo tape which was recorded at the end of the band's short but promising life.

There may be only one single copy of this tape that exists. It was ripped by the band's drummer Anthony Chhangur in 2009. The sound quality is not great but this is probably the only recorded proof of this band's existence.

The band was:

Norm Berketa - guitar/vocals

Anthony Chhangur - drums

Paul Seale - guitar/vocals

Fred Hackett - bass

Steven Bird - bass (when Fred left the band)

Greg Friend - keyboard/vocals

Silent Q were vocal about being inspired by the band Pushkins.

Silent Q - 1983 demo tape

1 Logical Patterns

2 Look Back on Your Life

3 Talking

4 Youth in Asia

5 Sabotage

6 Captivity

7 Jump and Dance

8 The Boys in the Neighborhood

9 Cruising the Autobahn

10 Bad Apples

11 Mind Jump

12 Rumour Fuse

13 Way of Life

14 Nobody Takes Me Any Higher

15 Observations (From the Planet Mars)



DOWNLOAD from Pixeldrain

 If you appreciate lost recordings of old Canadian ska bands you should check out Randy Conrad's YouTube Channel. He was the keyboardist/trombone player for the Canadian band Rude Boy who released one single in the early 80s. The band was fronted by Count Steve formerly of The Villains. They had a 4 song demo tape and they released a 7" in 1982 called "Someone Elses' Car" (not on Discogs).

The band was made up of members from an earlier female-fronted band (lead singer called herself Edie Amin) called Current Situation. I don't think Current Situation had any official releases but there are some great live recordings.

Start with THIS VIDEO and then check out his other videos. Lots of great lost ska in this channel.


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