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The Worms / Blinking Underdogs

 I think it's well known by now that Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron from the Star Wars Movies) was in a few ska/punk bands in the late 90s/early 2000s. 

Some of these are my own rips and scans but some were found online.

I think that, by now, everything in this post can already be found somewhere else online. I should have made this post years ago but for the few of you who don't have these recordings already - here they are in a single download.

 The most well known and well discussed band was The Worms. They only had one legitimate release but before that they put out a demo tape called "Live Bait" that I don't think was actually live.

  The Worms - Live Bait (1996)

1 Problems

2 Spit

3 Wanna Be

4 Lynn

5 Mr. Giant

6 The Girl I Love

 The Worms - Fish Fry (1997)

1 My Unity

2 Freight Train

3 Remember Me

4 Love Me on Your Way Out the Door

5 No Way Out

6 In My Head

7 Everybody Dance

8 I'm a Creep

9 I Am Not OK

10 Virus

11 War

12 The Girl I Love


After The Worms Oscar Hernandez (Oscar Isaac) moved on to start his own band The Blinking Underdogs. They were more punk than ska but the ska sound and the horns were ever present.

They released 2 CDs but before they put those CDs out they had 2 demo tapes. The first one "Timestamps" from 1999 was included in its entirety on their CD  "Last Words". The exact same recordings. But their second demo tape was not on any of their other recordings. 

The Blinking Underdogs - One Day demo tape (2000)

1 I Can't Go On, I Go On

2 One Day

3 Take Everything

4 Through My Window

5 Take it Back

6 Rise Up

 The Blinking Underdogs - Last Words (2001)

1 Days Gone By

2 Salvation

3 Jimmy Jolopo

4 Away

5 Acceptance

6 Trailer Park

7 Lost Words

8 Once

9 Blue Alisha

10 Blame

11 Misery

12 Untitled

 The Blinking Underdogs - Champagne Anarchy (2001)

1 Against the Sun

2 Desolation Road

3 Scatter

4 I Can't Go On, I Go On

5 Somewhere in Between

6 Subsonic Love Child


DOWNLOAD from Pixeldrain


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