Monday, August 18, 2014

Skeletones - Introducing the Skeletones (1988)

This is the Skeletones first record. It is a 5 song EP and it was posted previously on Tone and Wave but the version that was previously posted was from a second generation cassette (thank you Ronan!) but this here is my own rip from the original vinyl ( it was warped but I think I got the best rip ever considering what I had to work with)

A1 - You Make Me Wanna Laugh
A2 - Sheeba
A3 - Mugzy's Shambles
B1 - Dr. Bones
B2 - Unity
"Dr. Bones" 

(...and I threw in the songs The Telephone and Boneshaker because it has come to my attention that there are some poor depraved individuals out there who have never heard these tunes)


*This post was inspired by this Youtube post of a rare live recording of the Specs at Spanky's Cafe...incredibly rare!

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