Friday, October 30, 2009


For Halloween:

The Klopeks from Birmingham UK.
Not exactly a ska band. They cite influences by Dexy's Midnight Runners, Tom Waits, and Adam and the Ants.
They have a four piece horn section and some well written atmospheric music and, yes, there is some ska influence.
Recommended to fans of Tiny Hat Orchestra.

Here's their OFFICIAL SITE or sample them first on THEIR MYSPACE

Giving Up These Ghosts EP
1 Children of the Carnival
2 Everyday is Halloween
3 Mr. Pink
4 CB Lovers
5 The Model


The Klopeks
1 The Pilot
2 Take Her to the Sea
3 Saviour of the Soul
4 9 Inches From the Business End
5 CB Lovers
6 By Midnight
7 Taking the Money
8 Every Day is Halloween
9 Dynamite Sweet Dynamite
10 March Thirteen
11 Sordid City Ant Weather


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