Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stupidity - From Frederick Street to Duntroon Avenue

Horn-heavy mod revival. Not exactly ska, but good stuff nonetheless.
C'mon...not everything the original Two Tone bands did is straight forward ska either. Give these guys a chance. You may not love them but you will like them.

1 Something's Happened
2 The Sweeny
3 Stupid's Party
4 Bend Don't Break
5 Try Not to Let it Show
6 I Read a Book
7 Turn Other Cheek
8 Stop Right There
9 You've Got My Number


This post was submitted by long-time Tone and Wave friend Richard who has been searching for quite a few years for a cd by the Australian band Skazoo.
I, myself, didn't realize they had a cd but now my curiosity is piqued.
Anybody have it?


Anonymous said...

I don't have the Skazoo album but they also appeared on an excellent live complilation which must be out there somewhere entitled "pulling on the boots" from the mid 90s. It had tracks by area 7, dr raju, the hangovers, backy skank, bedlam beggars amongst others.... anyone got it?

Mr. Suave said...

Thanks for posting this. I loved the stuff of Stupidity i'd found on comps, so it's nice to get the whole disk.

Pete said...

I totally agree with Suave's evaluation. Stupidity have always favourites of mine - although, up until now, I only ever knew of the 3 tracks that were out in the mid-80's on the Countdown comps (one on each - comps may still be found at the Twilight Zone blog, I believe)

Anonymous said...

New to me but definately worth a listen.